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Extension Springs

Extension Spring Manufacturing
Extension Spring Manufacturing
Custom Manufacturing of Extension Springs
Custom Manufacturing of Extension Springs

An Extension Spring is a closed wound helical piece usually made of hardened steel and with looped ends, which applies a resistive force as it is extended.

  • Manufactured to tight tolerances and stringent quality control standards.
  • Specializing in fine diameter, non-standard cross section, and specialty material wire.

Extension Springs Capabilities


Wire Sizes
.004" to .125" Wire Diameter
Outside Diameters
.020 to 2.000 Outside Diameter of Spring
Types of Ends
  • Crossover Loops
  • Machine Side Loops
  • Single Full Loops
  • Double Full Loops
  • Extended Loops


Special Wire Materials
R.C. Coil Spring maintains a large inventory of raw materials in an assortment of sizes. If we do not have it, it can be ordered and delivered to us overnight or within a two day period. Stock materials include:

  • 302/304 Stainless Steel
  • Music Wire
  • 17-7 Stainless Steel
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Tin Music Wire
  • Zinc Music Wire
  • Galvanized Music Wire
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Brass
  • Hard Drawn MB
  • Galvanized Hard Drawn
  • Oil Tempered 1074
  • Chrome Silicon
  • Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon
  • Copper
Special Wire Cross Sections
  • Round
  • Barrel shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Square


R.C. Coil Spring maintains great relationships with quality vendors who will perform all your finishing needs.

  • Black Oxide Finish
  • Zinc/Tin Plating
  • Gold Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Powder Coating
  • Shot Peening
  • Passivating
  • Heat Treating
  • Electro Polishing
  • Tumbling/Deburring
  • Rust Preventative
Additional Services
To insure that the final product is up to our standards, R.C. Coil Spring provides additional in-house services for its customers.

  • Bar Coding
  • CAD Design Capabilities
  • Color Coating
  • Spring End Grinding
  • Stress Relieving
  • Material and Part Certification
  • Packaging on Tacky Boards/Plastic Bags
  • PPAPs/First Articles Provided
  • Kanban
  • Statistical Process Controls